The best part about being a therapist is…we get to change people’s lives. We decided to put a new spin on changing lives and challenged you to be a “Game Changer.”  At Incite Rehab, we don’t just want to play the game but change the game.

Our goal is to see the pride and passion our therapists have when someone walks into our therapy gyms. I would like to challenge you to look around your gym and ask yourself a few questions.  Would you bring your loved one to this therapy department?  Are we truly challenging our patients?

Game Changer can be something as simple as getting your patient out of their wheelchair or as complex as cooking an entire Thanksgiving dinner. It’s improving someone’s quality of life whether it be big or small.

So what does being a Game Changer mean to Incite Rehab?

  • Setting ourselves apart from the rest
  • Making a difference in someone’s life
  • Challenging you to get to know your patient’s and gear your daily treatment to achieve a functional outcome
  • In touch with a greater purpose
  • Thinking outside the box and not doing the same treatment everyday
  • Treatments, goals and documentation that are individualized for that patient and their D/C destination
  • Purposeful treatment

I have witnessed some amazing “Game Changer” ideas throughout my visits. We are giving you the opportunity to share those innovative ideas with other therapists throughout our organization. There is now an email established for you to send photos and/or ideas of treatments and activities you may have performed with your patients. We are going to develop a resource tool to share your different treatment ideas with the entire company.  Throughout the year we will be holding different contests. For example…Who is the most creative? Who has submitted the most entries?  This is an excellent opportunity for you to share all the great things you are doing in your gym.  Brag on yourself!  We hope to challenge other facilities to provide treatments that are innovative and patient driven.
So remember, when taking your patient back to their room ask yourself along the way “Did I make a difference for this patient today?” It truly is an honor and privilege to be able to change people’s lives every day.

We want YOU to be a “Game Changer” with Incite Rehab!!!

You may submit a photo with a brief description or just a brief description of an idea. Think of it as a recipe. Give us a picture, ingredients and steps to produce a great experience for other patients.  Please remember if taking a photo of a resident, you must have them fill out a consent form. This is going to be a resource tool for the entire company so we want all your ideas. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to give me a call. You may begin submitting your ideas to gamechanger@inciterehab.com

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