Sequencing Cards

Heritage Living

Sequencing cards: cognition, attention, fine motor, reaching, UE strengthening, sitting balance, standing tolerance activity, etc. – see directions to alter difficulty level. (also easy to make for disposable isolation activity or laminate to disinfect) Standing activity: written activity placed on back side of window and completed with dry erase markers for standing tolerance and balance – we really liked the holiday seek and find pictures but can also place the newspaper and read headlines or other written materials of interest. Can be modified to placing paper activity on bathroom mirror to increase standing tolerance at sink/cabinet.

Sorting: sorting objects clipped from newspaper sale ads into categories of choice depending on patient such as: rooms of the house, refrigerator/freezer vs. pantry, less than $5 vs. more than $5, things bought in the grocery store vs. things bought in the department store, appliances/foods/clothing/electronics/etc. Great task for attention, fine motor, and cognition. This could be made in an isolation room for a simple disposable activity that can be used across several sessions for various goals. (Here our ads come out in the Wednesday paper so we save them for therapeutic activities)

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