Sequencing Task


Every now and then I will speak with the wound care nurse at our facility and see if there is anyone who needs assistance with a complex task in changing or taking care of their own wounds. This task was for an individual with a colostomy bag. I got the steps from the wound care nurse and we both assisted the pt while actually changing the bag. I used SRT to help her recall the steps and the nurse makes sure that the pt is completing the task correctly.

* I also use this as a problem solving task on how to cut the bag, what to do if the cut is too small, and how to empty the bag.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work


Team Sherwood wanted to show some love to one of our biggest fans – and our awesome patients wanted to get in on the action! One of these patients is standing with only the use of one leg because of weight bearing restrictions…one patient only has the use of one arm but that’s not stopping her…one patient has a visual fiend cut and is learning to use visual aides to remind her to look left…and they all really enjoyed getting to color!!


Delayed Memory Task


I will go through with the pt and look at the house. Have them state how big, price, bed, baths, lot size, and then go through picture of the houses (most have about 25 pictures).

After a few mins or a select amount of time I will have them recall that information. I have seen improved or compliance, and improved recall/attention.

I like this task because most individuals have helped their children or grandchildren look at houses and it is enjoyable for them.

Extra tasks
**as an extra task I have also used two different houses for compare and contrast.
**give a situational base problem ( a friend moving down from another area and give them a wants/needs list and have them find a house that would be suitable (warning this task is fairly difficult for most Pts).