Scrabble Easter Edition


This is my game changer for Easter. I used the bananagram tiles and placed random tile letters in each egg. The patients then got to choose an Easter egg and create as many words as they could. When patients were stumped with their letters. The patients were able to choose a smaller eggs with fewer tiles to assist in making more words. Most patients compared it to scrabble -Easter edition.

Care Package for Soldiers


One of our therapist’s husband is deployed right now so we planned to send him a care package for fathers day.  The facility van took three therapists and three patients to the store.  We pre-planned a list of items so once we got to Wal-mart, we had a scavenger hunt for those specific items and a box to ship them in by looking at the hangers for what was on each row.  We also had them ask employees.  They placed items in shopping cart.  They propelled themselves for most of it to work on functional endurance.  Transfer training on/off seat in the van.

Today we are assembling it and making thank you cards for his service.  A great time was had by all.  We are going to be able to have the van one morning a month for in-town outings so more to come!

Greeting Cards


We did greeting cards this week.  It was inspired because one little lady had a brother in Cave City and she was jumping up and down to go see him on his birthday.  She was very disappointed when  her family couldn’t arrange it so we had her pick out a card template online, color it, and compose a message.  Then we tracked down the address.  She addressed the envelope and simulated paying for postage using our play money and coins.

Another lady sent a thinking of you to a daughter out of state and a thank you note to a son that visits everyday.  We also made a thank you note for the activities director for all the fun stuff she had for them during nursing home week last week.

We found our cards on