Grocery Shopping

Heritage Living

Simulated grocery shopping placing various items around gym and hallway. We acquired a shopping cart from Fred’s for use with our patients. Our pt was working on executive functioning, following written directions, visual scanning and environmental awareness, safety awareness, attention to task and balance. One of her goals is for medication management and she has had a lot of difficulty following written instruction. This task can be graded by placing items that are not on the list around the room as well.


House Cleaning

Heritage Living

Pt has met goals for basic self care independence and was also mod I with all home mgmt. tasks. We emptied our hole punch on the hall carpet and worked on vacuuming and saved some packing peanuts from previous equipment that had been ordered for facility to work on sweeping floors. Pt says that she is very particular about her home being tidy and said that these occupations brought here fulfillment.