Spring Gardening

Heritage Square

Here at Heritage Square in Blytheville, AR we have implemented gardening tasks as part of our “game changing” therapy! Pictures are included above.


  • Potting Soil
  • Tomato Plants
  • Large Pots
  • Water

First we had the patients read the directions on potting soil, then add soil to the pots, plant tomatoes, then water the plants. We also discussed the seasons and weather, different vegetables they used to grow in their gardens, and discussed different stages of growth for the tomatoes.

The following goals were addressed with each discipline:

PT: balance, LE strength, gait, coordination, core strengthening, obstacle training

OT: fine motor, UE strength, ADLs, functional mobility

ST: following directions, sequencing, memory, problem solving, spatial orientation

We hope everyone can take advantage of the nice Spring weather and optimize our patient treatments as well as implement game changers!